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Jury Duty December 9, 2008

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A record number of people in California voted in the November Presidential Election. I started wondering how many of those people were newly registered. If there are many newly registered voters, and considering that we get called for jury duty based on voter registration records, I wonder if the Los Angeles jury pool has been diluted enough so that maybe I won’t get called as frequently? Good God, I sure hope so! There isn’t much I hate more than getting a jury summons. Seriuosly.


Tanta December 5, 2008

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I am a sucker for an economics blog, and I knew I found the holy grail of finance and econo-commentary when I stumbled upon Calculated Risk, and all the posts brilliantly authored by Tanta.  Everyday I looked forward to reading her witty commentary and her long and detailed posts about mortgage securitization, negative amortization, and origination channels.  If ever you are interested in learning a thing or two, click here and prepare to become an ubernerd.   Tanta passed away all too soon at the age of 47 and will be missed by all ubernerds, myself included. 

Tanta also leave’s behind The Mortgage Pig, born of an excel spreadheet and a very long conference call.  Read about the creation of the mortgage pig here and in the meantime, enjoy this.



Funky Tupperware

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The internet is good for a great many things, one of which is finding video gems like this one.  Enjoy.


Woodpecker Lips November 11, 2008

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Greg and I were watching Football Follies during halftime of the Monday Night Game.  They had Brett Favre on a microphone during a play.  He got sacked and said “That Guy is Tougher than Woodpecker Lips” — I’d never heard that one before.


Vanity Fair November 10, 2008

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Team Bloom took the day off last Friday (yes, that’s right, we BOTH took the day off!) and visited a new exhibit at the LACMA of Vanity Fair Portraits (1913-2008). The exhibit was mainly photographs, with some of the old original magazines on display. My favorite section of photographs was from about 1930 to 1960 with tons of glamorous film stars, including this stunning photo of Douglas Fairbanks and Joan Crawford:


There were photos of entertainers (Fred Astaire and Bill Robinson), writers, and controversial figures, all captured beautifully and artfully. I was amazed that some of the photographs from the very early years were taken by female photographers! I guess I figured that since Vanity Fair originally started as a Men’s Fashion Magazine (and the social structure of the times) that the photography would be male dominated – not so! Of course, the iconic portraits taken by Annie Leibovitz, Herb Ritts, and Mario Testino donned the walls as well, but I was partial to the old black and whites.

There was also a sports exhibit called Hard Targets – Masculinity and Sport which had a video installation featuring a high school football team and they do a shot where the entire room is silent and all the players put their helmets on at the same time and the clicking of the helmets and the fasteners made me laugh out loud.  Just think of what a high school football team sounds like all putting their helmets on at the same time (no other noise or talking), or take a trip to LACMA and see for yourself!


Blog Name November 9, 2008

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When I decided to start a blog I wanted to come up with a witty name.  Something with a “B” so that I could have a little allitteration.  I thought about bonds, banana bread, bocce ball, buxom blondes, brown bears, and bouillabaisse, but “Becky Bloom’s Bond and Bouillabaisse Blog” really narrowed the scope of topics I could write about.  So, I settled on Bloom Blog for now and will wait and see what evolves.  I knew that no matter what I came up with, nothing could come close to my favorite blog name of all time, courtesy of Arrested Development – The Bob Loblaw Law Blog.